Игра Свий сармите

A card game of collecting ingredients, cooking and fun!

About the game

Roll up your sleeves because today we are wrapping some rice and spice!

This meal has many different names around the world, but it’s always so tasty! Sarma, dolma, golubki... it’s cabbage or vine leaves stuffed with a filling of heart-warming goodness!

Collect ingredients and follow recipes. Prepare more meals of the same kind and combine them according to your personal objective in order to earn more points and win the game.

8+ years

30 minutes to play

2 to 6 players

English and Bulgarian rulebooks

How to play Wrap up!

  1. Each player chooses one of the cards in their hand, that they want to keep.
  2. Reveal the face-down cards when all players have chosen a card from their hand.
  3. Pass the other cards in your hand to the player sitting next to you.
  4. The round has ended when you have no more cards in your hand. Now you can trade, activate action cards and cook meals.
  5. The game ends at the end of the 6th round. The player with the most points wins the game.

See the rulebook to learn more >


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