Our story

How it all began...

We all want to be treated nicely. And we do (most of the time) treat our friends nicely. But... when we play board games together, often your or the other players’ competitive side is in the spotlight. With mean tactics and strategy you try to outsmart and beat the rest of the gang. That's what inspired us to create Sly Foxes - playing board games with friends.

You know that moment when you have an idea and think about it while brushing your teeth? Then you rush to find a notebook and write it down before it vanishes.

After many scribbles, notes and calculations (because inventing a game often includes a lot of combinations) we started slowly materializing the game by cutting cardboard and playing with the cards all by ourselves.


Then came the time to create the first prototype and the moment of truth - play the game with real people. After watching initial reactions and listening to feedback you iterate and then iterate again. Feedback was more than great and that gave us enthusiasm and energy to continue working on Sly Foxes.

Now we have real high quality cards and you almost can’t see the difference between the unfinished product and an all polished board game. It’s exciting to watch how people have fun while playing and how the idea is slowly coming to life.

Indiegogo campaign

We decided to raise funds for our idea by engaging the people who already love our game and also win some new fans. That's why we used the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and created a great video thanks to our awesome friends! As a result we've got games pre-ordered, published the game and delivered it in 7 countries.

Next steps

You read it all? All right, that means you are already a super fan of the Sly Foxes, so I’ll share with you what’s coming next.

The next steps are a bit more serious:

  • establishing new partnerships for selling the game
  • conquering new markets
  • participating in events and festivals

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