Направи шевица - ETNO pattern board game

New game from the creators of Sly Foxes!

Arrange tiles in order to create beautiful and symmetrical shapes in ETNO Pattern Board Gamе!

Up to 4 players collect and place tiles in this board game inspired by Bulgarian embroidery and ancient symbols. Create patterns and become the winner thanks to good planning, creativity and spatial thinking.

Available now!

Ta-daaaa! 🎉🎉🎉
We are delighted to share that you can order your "Sly Foxes"!

Have you heard about the new super fun party game?

Sly Foxes is a strategic card game in which you have to outsmart the other players…

Ughm… I mean foxes!

The game is suitable for grown-ups and kids alike, it's easy to learn, highly strategic and super fun!

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Here's what people say about Sly Foxes...

I loooved the game! Super easy and so much fun, most of all I loved the unpredictable situations one might find themselves into, not to mention the adorable illustrations!


Super fun game. I enjoy playing out the gossips or the "I don't cares" or the facts with a theatrical voice. The rules are so straight forward I was able to understand and enjoy the game from the first go. Love it 😀


Easy to learn, easy to play and crazy fun! Create alliances, break them at the most convenient time. Be like a sly fox! Highly recommend it.