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Have you heard about the new super fun party game?

Sly Foxes is a strategic card game in which you have to outsmart the other players…

Ughm… I mean foxes!

The game is suitable for grown-ups and kids alike, it's easy to learn, highly strategic and super fun!

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Here's what people say about Sly Foxes...

I loooved the game! Super easy and so much fun, most of all I loved the unpredictable situations one might find themselves into, not to mention the adorable illustrations!


Super fun game. I enjoy playing out the gossips or the "I don't cares" or the facts with a theatrical voice. The rules are so straight forward I was able to understand and enjoy the game from the first go. Love it 😀


Easy to learn, easy to play and crazy fun! Create alliances, break them at the most convenient time. Be like a sly fox! Highly recommend it.